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  • Executive Brief: Translating with English Software

    Are you ready to start translating your user manual…but your software is English only? Without proper planning, this can lead to a sticky situation. After all, your international user may not understand the on-screen text and could have trouble using your device. Get help! Read our suggestions for reducing the risks that come with translating […]

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  • Visit Idem at RAPS Convergence 2017!

    Are global user documentation and labeling your responsibility? Need to get a handle on translated materials? Come talk to Idem! Idem Translations is a top-ranked global translation provider countless life science companies have come to rely on for translation expertise and ISO-certified processes that guarantee quality, consistency, and trust. Why not make an appointment now? […]

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  • Idem Tops Ranking for Medical Language Service Providers in North America

    In its annual “Who’s Who in Language Services and Technology: 2017 Rankings,” independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory ranks Idem Translations overall as #28 in North America, which places Idem as the largest, ISO triple-certified, independent agency in the region focused on the specific needs of the life sciences industry. We’re thrilled to be […]

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