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  • Executive Brief: Balancing Translation Cost and Quality

    Do you always have to sacrifice quality for the sake of your translation budget? Or break that budget to get a good translation? Definitely not! While cost and quality are a common balancing act, a little process planning can help you achieve both. Have your cake and eat it, too: Download the brief!

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  • Executive Brief: Five Reasons You Keep Using That Mediocre Vendor

    Fed up with translation headaches? If your current translation vendor is causing you more problems than they fix, it’s time for a change. We looked at the top five reasons to avoid switching suppliers. And we found that they aren’t that scary after all! Read our brief and see if you agree. Don’t settle for […]

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  • Clinicians, do diverse study subjects have access to translated materials?

    The following is an interesting post from a LinkedIn connection. Have you built into your study the participation of diverse groups based on race, ethnicity, and gender? Do you have translated documents to support those populations? Many language providers out there claim to provide specialized translations specifically for life science initiatives, yet few fulfill the […]

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