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  • Executive Brief: How to Maximize ROI on Translations

    Like any business activity, translations cost your team time and money. Wouldn’t it be nice to stretch that budget further, to capture more markets and translate more content? This executive brief provides insight into the easy, practical things you can do to make the most of your translation budget. Sidestep budget hogs and maximize your […]

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  • Executive Brief: Anatomy of a Multilingual IFU

    If you are planning a multilingual IFU, you will need to scope out printing, packaging, and translation services. By working through this process in the right order, you can save yourself time, reduce your overall project spend, and sidestep major headaches. But which order is the most optimized? Navigate your way around project inefficiencies: read […]

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  • Here we come, Philadelphia!

    Only three weeks until #2019RAPS! If you will be in Philadelphia, stop by to talk translations with us at booth #626. We would love to help you streamline translation spend, reduce regulatory headaches, and bring your global strategy into focus. See you there!

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