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  • Executive Brief: What You Need to Know About Software Translation

    Planning to translate your software or mobile app? You can ensure a pain-free project with a bit of advance planning! This brief gives you insight into the key elements of a string-based translation project, from the big picture strategy to the tiny details that can impact user understanding in translation. Here’s what you need to […]

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  • Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

    The world is aflutter with the power of machines. Robots are delivering your lunch order in cities around the US. Neural networks are driving major changes to automated translations. For decades, people have been predicting that humans will become unnecessary to the translation process. Machines are great, but we believe in people. We believe that […]

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  • Executive Brief: Managing Multiple Translation Vendors

    Should you have one vendor to maximize cost savings? Or multiple vendors to reduce the risk of single sourcing? Our brief will help you design the translation vendor strategy that’s right for your team by explaining key concepts in translation vendor management. Get the most from your translators: Download the brief!

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