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  • Fast Facts: Multilingual Printing

    The Question: I have my English content drafted. Now I need to translate it into a bunch of languages. How do I get it formatted and into the box for shipping? Get some fast facts here!

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  • Executive Brief: How to Evaluate Translation Suppliers

    Shopping for a translation partner? How can you tell which one is the right fit for your team? You need to understand how translation providers differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace and how those differentiators might benefit your organization. Like Goldilocks, you need to assess potential providers to find the one that is “just right.” […]

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  • Looking Forward to the RAPS Convergence 2018!

    Idem is delighted to announce that we will be attending the 2018 RAPS Convergence in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Stop by and see us to talk translations, MDR requirements, and risk mitigation in multilingual strategies. If you already have pressing questions, drop us a line. See you in B.C.!

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