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  • The Linguist’s Dilemma

    As companies increasingly communicate with stakeholders around the globe, the idiosyncrasies of our languages become an everyday concern. Tagalog, spoken by 2% of the California population and with 100 million speakers worldwide, is an interesting case. Native to the Philippines, the Tagalog language has been heavily influenced by both Spanish and English as a result […]

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  • Executive Brief: Tackling Translation Questions in a Regulatory Audit

    You know your translation provider is doing a great job. But how can you demonstrate quality compliance to your regulatory auditor? By preparing to answer her questions before the audit, of course! Let us share our tips and tricks for tackling your auditor’s translation-related questions. We even include a pre-audit checklist. Reduce your audit stress: […]

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  • Join us at the ACRP Meeting & Expo 2016 April 16-19 in Atlanta

    Idem will be among this year’s exhibitors at the 2016 Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) Conference in beautiful Atlanta, GA. ACRP is the largest national conference whose sole focus is on clinical trials, with more than 100 sessions covering myriad topics related to the clinical trials process. Attendees and exhibitors from around the country […]

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