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  • Executive Brief: Transitioning to a New Translation Provider

    Are translations a constant pain point for your team? Maybe you’re dissatisfied with your current vendor, but you’re afraid of all the headaches that go with onboarding a new one? You deserve a translation vendor who exceeds your expectations. Read our recommendations to prepare yourself for a smooth transition. Get the translation vendor you deserve: […]

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  • Executive Brief: Top Ten Stumbling Blocks in Translation

    Translation is expensive. Translation is time-consuming. So how can you cut costs and reduce your translation timelines? We’ve put together our top ten stumbling blocks in translation to help. Because a few simple fixes can have dramatic long-term benefits. Make your documentation more “translatable”: Download the brief!

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  • Idem will be at RAPS 2016. How about you?

    Calling all regulatory professionals! Idem will be exhibiting at RAPS Convergence in Santa Clara, California, September 17-20. You won’t want to miss this year’s fantastic lineup. If you’re interested in sessions that address updates to regulations and guidance around the globe, this is a perfect opportunity to stop by and speak to us about your future […]

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