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Executive Brief: Five Reasons You Keep Using That Mediocre Vendor

Fed up with translation headaches? If your current translation vendor is causing you more problems than they fix, it’s time for a change.

We looked at the top five reasons to avoid switching suppliers. And we found that they aren’t that scary after all! Read our brief and see if you agree.

Don’t settle for a mediocre vendor: Download the brief!

Executive Brief: Transitioning to a New Translation Provider

Are translations a constant pain point for your team? Maybe you’re dissatisfied with your current vendor, but you’re afraid of all the headaches that go with onboarding a new one?

You deserve a translation vendor who exceeds your expectations. Read our recommendations to prepare yourself for a smooth transition.

Get the translation vendor you deserve: Download the brief!

Executive Brief: Tackling Translation Questions in a Regulatory Audit

You know your translation provider is doing a great job. But how can you demonstrate quality compliance to your regulatory auditor? By preparing to answer her questions before the audit, of course!

Let us share our tips and tricks for tackling your auditor’s translation-related questions. We even include a pre-audit checklist.

Reduce your audit stress: Download the brief!

Idem Proud to Sponsor Annual Planning Meeting of the NCC ACRP

An ongoing sponsor of the Northern California Chapter of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, Idem was proud to support the NCC ACRP‘s 2016 planning meeting. The NCC ACRP seeks to provide opportunities for professional development and networking to clinical professionals in the California Bay Area and Sacramento.

Idem has committed to sponsoring the NCC ACRP in order to support our colleagues working on the front lines of clinical research. It is our immense pleasure to provide translations that assist in their efforts.


Executive Brief: Mistakes in In-Country Review

Do you feel that your in-country reviewers and your translation provider just aren’t on the same page? Is the disconnect costing you time and money? If you think it shouldn’t be this hard, you’re absolutely right.

Don’t get stuck between the good intentions on both sides! Instead, plan your review process in advance and avoid the top five pitfalls that derail translation timelines.

Ready to transition in-country review to a straightforward validation process? Download the brief!

2015 Client Appreciation Party

We had a wonderful time at this year’s client appreciation cocktail party, which took place on the 4th of November at Palo Alto’s University Club. Some 120 guests enjoyed wine, nibbles (the miniature street tacos were a favorite), and fun party games. Top prize winners took home a Fitbit and two Caran d’Ache pens.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to all the partners who continue to help Idem grow!

The eConsent Explosion

Following the release earlier this year of the FDA’s draft guidance on the use of electronic informed consent in clinical investigations, several of our clients are actively working to improve the patient recruitment process for clinical trials. Some are transitioning to an eConsent process. Others are streamlining the ways that potential participants receive recruitment information.

Idem is excited to attend this month’s ClinPulse panel, which is focused on:
• How will eConsent affect the patient experience?
• How will it streamline clinical trials?
• What will become best practices?
• What regulatory requirements are in place or coming down the pike?

We hope to see you there!

Executive Brief: Translation Memory Best Practices

You know that your translation vendor is using Translation Memory. But how does it work? And what can you do to maximize your savings?

You don’t need to be a tech geek to understand our tips for effectively managing your translation memory assets. Just a little knowledge will help you cut costs and reduce your translation timelines.

Ready to save some $$$? Download the brief!

Executive Brief: Best Practices for Multilingual Formatting

At long last, the text of your English IFU (or user manual) is final. Just as you breathe a sign of relief, you realize that you need to translate it into 26 languages and perform packaging validation on the final document. Whoa! Where do you begin?

Start here, with our tips for planning multilingual formatting. Once you and your printer have a plan in place, it’s a cinch for your translation provider to format to your specifications.

Want to know your options? Download the brief!

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